the other love letter
This is what happens when you cave…

I laid down on his bed as he crawled over top of me and kissed me. He sat up and started to unbutton my white shorts to take them off. I could see him eyeing the lacy mint green cheekys I was wearing underneath them. He pulled the shorts off and started to kiss my inner thighs. His tongue and lips sent a hot wave throughout my body. He slowly began to kiss the lace panties on my skin and then gently pulled them over to reveal my wet pussy. His tongue traced over my clit with a flicking motion making me let go of everything in my mind. He pulled my panties off for a better view and started licking and sucking my pink wetness. A soft moan trailed from my lips as he took his hand and stuck two fingers inside of me motioning with a come hither to hit my G-spot. I pressed down on my lower stomach to feel his fingers pressing against the inside of my pussy. He added in his tongue to my clit for a mix of pleasures. I was on the brink of cuming. My back archer while I clung to the sheets of his bed. Small beads of sweat had formed on my chest as I tightened my thighs around his hand with his fingers still inside of me. A hot convulsing pulse took over me as I came.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

The last Thursday

Temptation was calling to me tonight. He sank his word deep into my mind and tried so desperately to cave it in…
Cave me in…
To his temptation.
Simple little words and phrases that he threw at me like:
Cum here,
With my tongue,
I know your body,
One last time…please
Set me closer and closer to the edge.
His hands, his lips, his arms all told me to cave in just once more
His hands on my neck, my chest, prying my shirt off with aggression.
His lips tracing, touching, kissing, sucking my lips, nipples, and stomach.
His arms holding me firmly, controlling me, bruising me as he tightens his grip around my neck.
His hands anxiously taking off my shorts then panties while his lips caress my inner thighs getting closer and closer to my lips.
Soft, pink, and wet. He spreads them open while his tongue circles my clit ever so lightly….

I didn’t cave, I wanted to, I wanted him to have his face buried in me, but I held my ground.
He had his skateboard covering his groin, his chub, his mid excitement as I said my goodbyes for the last time and walked away with some memories of us, some fantasies of him, and a pair of wet panties from temptation.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

man in charge

We walked into his room and he shut the door behind him. After a couple of seconds of heated tension, he grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him. I started unbuttoning his shirt as he took off my belt, then shorts, and panties. He was aggressive as he pulled my shirt off over my head and then pushed me onto his bed. He wasted no time in kissing my stomach all the way down to my hips and then my inner thighs. I could feel my pussy getting wet with excitement. He spread my legs apart and then proceeded to eat me out, slowly flicking his tongue against my clit while his fingers moved fast back and forth inside my pussy. I let out a soft moan from the pleasure that his tongue and lips had created.
He climbed up next to me on the bed and told me to be quiet because his room mates were home. My nipples were graced with his lips and tongue as he sucked and licked them. He started to rub my pussy again slipping one, then two fingers inside of me and began to move them in and out fast. I let out a whimper as he held his other hand against my neck and began to choke me. My moan was a hushed whisper as he released his grip from my neck and then slapped me across my face. I was so close to cumming as my hands tightened up into fists. My back arched, raising my chest as my body convulsed with pleasure. He slapped me again before choking me to the point of orgasm.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

think twice before you text

FAIL: sext flirting

(discussing him going sailing)

ME: I wish I could go sailing with you.

HIM: It’s going to be so cold tomorrow. High winds and a low of 30. But don’t worry I’ll get wet for ya ;)

ME: Lol well that would arouse me if I had a dick and you had a pussy…but that’s not the case. Good try tho!

-Hidden Thoughts exposed