the other love letter
it will always be

I miss flirting
Stomach churning
Things we shouldn’t do
Being touched
Hugs you don’t want to let go of
Butterflies in my stomach,
My Brain
Tense nerves thrive
A kiss has been playing in my head
One step closer to comfort
But far from what’s right

So just a simple hug will end the night…

His Touch

His touch was rough as requested.
I got into in more and more
as his methods of seduction turned from
gental embrace to
quick slaps to the face.

I could tell he was enjoying it,
more than he should have
and more than I was.
Stingingg slaps turned into hard blows
And with one last hit

My world went dark.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

the pleasure of bruising

There is nothing I love more than waking up in the morning after a night of roughness to find bruises distributed all across my body.

Two small bruises on my wrists from his hand wrapped around them tight, holding them in place above my head.

A faint bruise on my neck from his lips sucking softly on the flesh.

A few bruises on my chest and breasts from his fingers pinching and grabbing with no sign of easing up.

One golf ball sized bruise on both sides of my hips from his hands grasping me with a needing force as he grinded against me.

And several bruises on my upper and inner thighs as his dominating side kicked in, spreading my legs and letting me cave into his helpless little bitch.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed  

The last Thursday

Temptation was calling to me tonight. He sank his word deep into my mind and tried so desperately to cave it in…
Cave me in…
To his temptation.
Simple little words and phrases that he threw at me like:
Cum here,
With my tongue,
I know your body,
One last time…please
Set me closer and closer to the edge.
His hands, his lips, his arms all told me to cave in just once more
His hands on my neck, my chest, prying my shirt off with aggression.
His lips tracing, touching, kissing, sucking my lips, nipples, and stomach.
His arms holding me firmly, controlling me, bruising me as he tightens his grip around my neck.
His hands anxiously taking off my shorts then panties while his lips caress my inner thighs getting closer and closer to my lips.
Soft, pink, and wet. He spreads them open while his tongue circles my clit ever so lightly….

I didn’t cave, I wanted to, I wanted him to have his face buried in me, but I held my ground.
He had his skateboard covering his groin, his chub, his mid excitement as I said my goodbyes for the last time and walked away with some memories of us, some fantasies of him, and a pair of wet panties from temptation.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

And Oh How I Miss…

•Buying new panties and then letting him take them off of me
•Taking showers with him to get clean but then end up getting dirty in the process
•Sexing him during the day to get a rouse out of him at night
•Sending him naked or provocative pictures of myself
But mostly…
•Having his arms wrapped around me and holding and embracing me at any point in time.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

Oh hell

And so it is Thursday again and I shall be in class until 9:00 at night…..
With him.
So I will tell myself to be strong.
Don’t give into his sarcastic tone and jokes that I love so much.
I will not give into his touch,
Wether it be gentle or rough,
Warm or soothing,
Or just him.
His arm against mine,
His hand wandering the smooth skin of my leg,
And his eyes searching mine,
Looking for an answer of wether or not to proceed.
Fuck I want him to so bad…

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

what happens on spring break…

It was a hate hate relationship when we were around a crowd, but when we were alone together, just the two of us; the tension was immense.
Spring break was in session and Key Largo was the destination. We had been out on wave runners all day in the water and decided to head back in for dinner. Sore, hot, and wet we went back to the beach house for a shower and drinks.
I had called dibs on the shower as I ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. He had knock on it moments later asking for me not to lock it so that he could use the bathroom while I was in the shower. I agreed and kept the door unlocked as I climbed into the shower with my suit still on. I heard him come in and I saw his shadow approaching the shower curtain. I didn’t say anything as he slid back the curtain and climbed in. I stared at him with a questioned look on my face as if to say “What the fuck are you doing?”. I guess he could read my mind because he blurted out “I’m just saving water, fuck!” trying to justify his invasion. “Well don’t fucking hog all of the hot water”, I replied as I arched my back and let the water run over my face and hair.
He stepped closer to me and touched my back gently untying my bathing suit exposing my chest. His lips and tongue explored the soft skin of my neck and breasts sending goosebumps up and down my body. I untied his board shorts and slid them down over his bulge that was growing by the second just before he grabbed me by the waist and turned me around so that my back was facing his chest. Pressed up against him, I could feel how hard he was as he slid down my suit bottoms letting it fall to the floor.
He put one hand on my shoulder and pushed my back with his other hand so that I was bent over. He took his dick and slid it back and forth against my wet pussy right before he pushed it in slowly. I gasped and wrapped my hands tightly around the edges of the tub while he began to thrust in and out. He went soft and slow, which was a relief because of the pounding my ass had gotten out on the water that day. My legs started to shake with each thrust of his dick. His hands moved up from my hips to my waist and then my back.
He stood me up and pressed me against him again while still inside me. His hands cupped my breasts as we grinded into each other with a smooth rhythmic motion. He moved me closed to the wall so that my chest was pressed up against the cool tiles making my nipples all the more hard. His pace quickened and his hand reached up grabbing my hair and pulling my head back so that he could kiss me. The tension, soreness, lactic acid, pleasure, tightness, and hot water brought me over the edge with the help of his hand gently rubbing my clit until he knew I had came with a long whimpering moan.
He pushed me back down again but further this time so that my hands were on the floor and my ass was in the air. I could hear his breathing getting faster and harder. I crisscrossed my legs to increase the friction and tightness of his thrusts. It only took him three more pumps after that for him to bust. I could feel his hot cum fill me as he stood me back up.
We stood there letting the water run down our bodies, still pressed together. He pulled out of me and turned me around to face him. I laid my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me holding me tight, and in this moment we both knew that once we stepped out of the shower the hate would surface again in the crowd. 

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

you always know if it was good when:
  • I’m ready for round two 5 minuets later
  • I still wet after we’ve had sex….multiple times
  • My legs won’t stop shaking
  • I pass out like a rock afterwards
  • I’m sore…everywhere
  • I discover bruises all over my body the morning after
  • I can’t stop thinking about it
  • I call or text my friend the minuet I leave
  • I write about it
  • I want more of you

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed

rock the boat

It was dark outside as he grabbed my hand and led me away from the party. We walk a short ways down a hill until we came to his boat (on a trailer). He climbed up first, then assisted me in lending me a hand pulling me up. Nervousness consumed me as we sat down at the wheel looking out at the crowd of drunkenness. He turned towards me kissing me hard. I didn’t hesitate to kiss back, biting his bottom lip softly. He stood, pulling me up with him and walked me to the front of the boat. He laid me down on a cushioned bench as he hovered over me still kissing my lips, then neck, chest, and stomach. He pulled my jeans down half way still kissing me, my hips, and then inner thighs. I was so cold from the dew that had settled on the boat from that night and started to shake, but not for too long. My clit was introduced to his warm tongue slowly gliding up and down against me. I grabbed his hair asking and moaning for more as he built his speed up flicking, kissing, and sucking. His tongue explored the inside of my pussy making me crave for something more. 
I pulled him up on top of me kissing his lips and neck. I could feel his buldge through his pants as I unziped them and began to rub his dick slowly. He stood up, not caring if anyone would see him. I sat up and took his dick all the way into my mouth. I began sucking while I glidded my tongue across the bottom of the length of his dick until I reached the tip. He let out a heavy sighed moan as he pushed me down onto the cushion again. He teased me by rubbing my clit and putting the tip of his dick in and out of my pussy repeatedly. He leaned down over me with a smirk on his face asking me what I wanted. I pulled him close, kissing him before whispering in his ear “Fuck me, please.”
He didn’t hesitate. I could feel the head of his hard cock entering my pussy as I squeezed my legs on his hips and extended my arms out on his stomach to stop him from going any further. ”Two can tease”, I said with a sly smile on my face. He laughed saying “oh yeah?”, as I saw the competitive side come out of him. He  pinned my arms above my head with one hand and spread my legs apart with the other.
The first thrust is always the best. The slow anticipation, every nerve tenses up, bodies ignite with heat, and a pleasured gasp is exhaled caused by a tight fitting cock. He thrusted hard inside of me as I wrapped my legs around him holding him in so that I could feel every inch of his dick. His thrusts slowly started to get faster and harder making me all the more vocal. I held him in place with my legs wrapped around him and instructed him to sit down while I climbed on top and straddled him. My pussy was so wet as I put his dick inside of me grinding back and forth on it. He grabbed my waist holding onto me as I arched my back and started playing with my clit. I was so close to cumming. Holding my hips, he thrusted me hard against his dick as a deep moan escaped his lips. I could feel him tighten up inside me before he busted. My pussy convulse with pleasure around his dick at the thought of him cumming.   

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed         

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