the other love letter
the pleasure of bruising

There is nothing I love more than waking up in the morning after a night of roughness to find bruises distributed all across my body.

Two small bruises on my wrists from his hand wrapped around them tight, holding them in place above my head.

A faint bruise on my neck from his lips sucking softly on the flesh.

A few bruises on my chest and breasts from his fingers pinching and grabbing with no sign of easing up.

One golf ball sized bruise on both sides of my hips from his hands grasping me with a needing force as he grinded against me.

And several bruises on my upper and inner thighs as his dominating side kicked in, spreading my legs and letting me cave into his helpless little bitch.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed  

The last Thursday

Temptation was calling to me tonight. He sank his word deep into my mind and tried so desperately to cave it in…
Cave me in…
To his temptation.
Simple little words and phrases that he threw at me like:
Cum here,
With my tongue,
I know your body,
One last time…please
Set me closer and closer to the edge.
His hands, his lips, his arms all told me to cave in just once more
His hands on my neck, my chest, prying my shirt off with aggression.
His lips tracing, touching, kissing, sucking my lips, nipples, and stomach.
His arms holding me firmly, controlling me, bruising me as he tightens his grip around my neck.
His hands anxiously taking off my shorts then panties while his lips caress my inner thighs getting closer and closer to my lips.
Soft, pink, and wet. He spreads them open while his tongue circles my clit ever so lightly….

I didn’t cave, I wanted to, I wanted him to have his face buried in me, but I held my ground.
He had his skateboard covering his groin, his chub, his mid excitement as I said my goodbyes for the last time and walked away with some memories of us, some fantasies of him, and a pair of wet panties from temptation.

-Hidden Thoughts Exposed